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Vehicle Automatic Testlane

Vehicle Automatic Testlane

Combiline Automatic Testline

CL-3T401 Series

CL series Test Line is a new generation of full-automtic vehicle test line. it was designed and developed by COSBER. With the user-friendly operation menu, it takes only 3 minutes to inspect a vehicle's brake performance, wheel resistance force, suspension adsorption rate, wheel load value, sideslip value and speedometer.

Main Features

CL-3T401 Series

COSBER patent in highly integrated system: Brake, Sideslip, Weight, Suspension, Speedometer, Headlight, Exhaust emission, etc., computerized process control, easy operation and user-friendly control menu. Hight precision sensors ensure the exactitude of inspection result. Compact and reliable design of mechanical structure saves space and only occupies a standard repair workstation.

  • The whole set of products has a compact and reasonable structure, easy installation, small footprint, and only one standard maintenance station;

  • Automatic process operation, free of teaching, easy to use, avoid complicated operation steps, and can be operated on duty;

  • The product has won the authoritative certification of high-tech products, leading similar international products, so there is no need to worry about products being outdated;

  • Modular structure design, flexible function configuration, various functions and matching product components can be configured at will;


 Brake Tester

KZD-3: (3500Kg)

 Weight Vehicle


 Measurement Axle Load


 Suspension Tester

KXJ-3: up to 3000Kg

 Side Slip Tester

KCH-3: ±15.0mm

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