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Suspension Tester

Vehicle Suspension Tester

Vehicle Suspension Tester

KXJ Series

KXJ Vehicle Suspension Tester is used to inspect the shock absorption performance of vehicles with independent suspension system. When the vehicle parks on the platform, the static wheel load will be measured by the sensor and displayed on the Monitor/Display Board.

Main Features

Vehicle Suspension Tester
KXJ Series

Then the motor will start to drive the Eccentric Wheel in the tester, which subsequently results into the vibration of Vibrating Plate. The motor will shut down automatically after reaching its nominal power. The plate will continue vibrating because of inertia, and result in sympathetic vibration between wheels and suspension.

The minimum dynamic wheel load will be obtained during the sympathetic vibration. Then the absorption rate (displayed as percentage) can be calculated. The higher the absorption rate is, the better the suspension performance of the vehicle will be.

  • The product implementation department standard JT/T448-2001, equipped with EUSAMA measurement standard, meets the requirements of national and industry standards;

  • Equipped with high-precision non-contact sensor, stable performance and easy maintenance;

  • The interface is easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to use. The test results displayed in graphs and curves are convenient to compare the situation before and after suspension maintenance;

  • Industrial control computer test system, the system has overload protection function;

  • Fast speed, high test data accuracy, good repeatability, standard RS-232 serial communication interface;


 Max Passing Axle Load

KXJ-3 (3.000Kg) / KXJ-3A (10.000Kg)

 Max Detection Wheel Load

KXJ-3/KXJ-3A: (1500Kg)

 Vibration Plate Size

KXJ-3 (700x300mm) / KXJ-3A: (700×400mm)

 Vibration Amplitude


 Vibration Freq


 Motor Power

2.2kWx2 / 4.0kWx2

 Activity Cover Size

KXJ-3A: 800x630mm

 Activity Cover Stroke

KXJ-3A: 650mm

 Air Pressure

KXJ-3A: 0.5-0.7Mpa

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