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Diesel Smoke Opacity

Diesel Smoke Opacity

Opacity Meter

KYD Series

Cosber KYD series Diesel Smoke Opacity Meters, also referred to as opacity meters, detect and measure the amount of light blocked in smoke emitted by diesel engines from cars, trucks, ships, buses, motorcycles and locomotives operations, The performance meets the requirements of ISO11614 and GB3847-1999.

Main Features

Diesel Smoke Opacity
Diesel Smoke Opacity

The smoke meter readout displays the smoke density giving a measure of the efficiency of combustion. This makes the smoke meter an excellent diagnostic tool to ensure proper maintenance of diesel engines for improved fuel economy and protection of the environment. The KYD series Automotive Smoke Opacity Meter be made in our company that is designed to measure the concentration opacity meter method. The bench is import from Japan.

  • Split structure, separated measuring unit and control unit for easy operation;

  • Large LCD screen, English interactive menu, with opacity reading and light absorption coefficient reading, simple, direct and convenient operation;

  • With functions of free acceleration test and measurement of transients, automatic process of test data and display of measuring results;

  • 15 minutes warm-up time, automatic zero reset;

  • The performance meets the requirements of ISO11614 and GB3847-1999;

  • Frequency counter: A, C;

  • With functions of data printing and communication with host computer. Serial RS-232C interface or RS-485C interface can be selected;


 Measuring Range

Opacity N: 0-99.9%


Opacity N: 0.1%

 Indication error




 Ambient temp


 Relative humidity



AC220V, ±10%, 50Hz±1%




RS-232 (1200,2400,4800,9600,19200)

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