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Multi-Stage Hevy Duty Testlane Layout (A3)

Multi Stage Heavy Duty Testlane Layout

Multi-Stage Hevy Duty Testlane Layout (A3)

Multi Stage Testlane for Inspection (KQQZ-15)

The multi stage A3 testlane is designed for inspection of large numbers of vehicles up to 10 tons each day.


Multi Stage Heavy Duty Testlane Layout
Testlane Layout (A3)

On the basis of fully grasping the development trend of motor vehicle testing technology and relevant national regulations and standards, Shenzhen Cosber Industrial Co., Ltd. meticulously developed the KQQZ series motor vehicle comprehensive performance and safety performance testing line system.

Main Feautres

  • system software and hardware are all independently developed by Kongsberg, with independent intellectual property rights; the software and hardware are organically combined to provide customers with efficient and fast services.

  • Add the process and product configuration requirements of the latest national standard GB38900-2020.

  • system adopts windows operating platform, proprietary industrial control module, fast response, high detection accuracy and convenient maintenance.

Testline Equipment

 KQQZ- Comprehensive performance testing lineList of involved equipment

Main equipment:

Chassis dynamometer, roller reaction brake test bench, flat brake test bench, wheel (axle) weight meter, car lift loading brake test bench, car side slip test bench, car suspension device Test bench, curb quality meter, chassis clearance meter, profile meter

Auxiliary equipment:

Gasoline car analyzer (for gasoline cars), smoke opacity meter (for diesel cars) , air flow meter (for transient gasoline cars) , engine tachometer , big weather meter , pedal force meter , front light Light detector , sound level meter, car steering angle meter, wireless PDA recorder;

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