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LDV Brake Tester

LDV Brake Tester

Brake & Axle Load

C-BTC Series

In order to get better master of the international market, COSBER German team develops this C-BTC model with durable material and galvanizing on the surface of the tester. At the same time, COSBER configures more functions in this model, such as motor lock, 4WD test mode, remote control for multiple times test in place, calibration function one-key-start, etc. The compact structure is specially designed for a relatively small space test lane.

Main Features

LDV Brake Tester
C-BTC Series

C-BTC names a complete series of different brake tester for passenger cars and light trucks, which follows the guidelines of car manufacturers and test organizations.

This modular range of products allows plenty of combinations to meet the customer demands and it is prepared for an extension to a complete test lane.

Designed by German engineering, equipped with German motors and German sensors.

Accessories like 4WD, drive out support and radio remote control version are available

  • Automatic brake tester;

  • Sensor type Loadcell;

  • Lifting methode Hydraulic system (if needed);

  • Automatic pass/fail judgment;

  • PC interface or its equavalent for interacial/IT conectivity;

  • Process indicator (digital display / Color LCD);

  • Capable of measuring brakes of 4WD vehicle;

  • Raised rear roller to facillate the exit of the vehicle;

  • Electromagnetic brake for easy drive out;

  • Roller set or equivalent;

  • Roller coating should simulate road condition;

  • capable to test parking brake;

  • Motorcycle cover plates (as option)

  • Robust radio remote control (as option)


 Max Axle Load

C-BTC22 / C-BTC3X: (3.000kg-4000kg)

 Brake Force

0 - 8kN

 Coefficient dry/wet

> 0.7 / > 0.6

 Roller length

C-BTC22 (700mm) / C-BTC3X (850mm)

 Wheel Thread Length

C-BTC22 (800-2200) / C-BTC3X (800-2800mm)

 Roller Diameter

C-BTC22 / C-BTC3X (Ø205mm)

 Motor Power

3kW x 2

 Radiation Sound

≤70 dBA

 Roller detection Speed

5,1 km/h

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