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Axle Play Detector

Axle Play Detector

Axle load 16t/18t/20t

C-PD52 / C-PD72 / C-PD82 / KJX Series

Axle Play Detector, with two moving plates of play detector, is assisted to verify the joint play condition in a vehicle chassis. The play detector is made by three parts: 2x moving plates, hydraulic system and electric control system (with handhold remote & torch) and two choices of plates with bordes or asphalt

Main Features

Axle Play Detector
Axle Play Detector C-PD Series

The different movements of the plates are available, Hydraulic unit increases user convenience, Extra heavy duty structure, robust and lower noise design.

The one hand operation mode allows a smooth detection of defects, wears and tears on steering parts, wheel bearings, spring systems and suspension. Additionally, the COSBER axle play detector follows the newest standard in the European Union Directive 2014/45/EU

  • Hot galvanized left and right Testing plate;

  • Max. Axle load from 10t untill 20t;

  • Low maintenance design;

  • Radio remote control with LED lamp;

  • Multidirectional simulation;

  • Automatic centering after testing simulation C-PD Series;

  • Replace dangerous highway test;

  • Testing Speed: 5-15cm/s;

  • Fits in common foundations;

  • Foundation tube for basic foundations (option);

  • Foundation tube for Head light testing places (option);


 Max. Axle Load

C-PD52/C-PD72/C-PD82/KJX series (16t/18t/20t)

 Test Plate Movement


 Max Force Displacement


 Hydraulic Pressure

120 Bar

 Motor Power


 Max. Test Speed


 Power Supply

380VAC-50Hz / 230VAC-60Hz

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