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Stage Heavy Duty Testlane Layout (A1)

Single Stage Heavy Duty Testlane Layout

Single Stage Heavy Duty Testlane Layout (A1)

Automatic Vehicle Inspection System (KQQZ)

Is a computerized automatic process control system for vehicle technical inspection testlane with single work stage, The KQQZ system consists of main control program, data terminal, operation selector, equipment control and other modules.


Stage Heavy Duty Testlane Layout
Testlane Layout (A1)

The digital communication between the computer and inter-linked equipment ensures the accuracy of inspection data. This system can be operated under the Vehicle Safety Technical Test and the All-purpose Test.

Thanks to the advanced program logic and IT technology integration, the test efficiency can be remarkably improved and at the same time the real-time monitoring of inspection operation can be perfectly implemented.

Equipment Standard

  • Control Software JG-15T

  • Axle Load Brake Tester KZZD-15J

  • Side Slip Tester KCH-18B

  • LED Display Board Assembly KDP-16 Matrix Two Row 16 Characters

  • Diesel Smoke Opacity KYD-6

  • Emission Gas Analyser KWQ 4/5

  • Replace dangerous highway test;

  • Automatic Headlight Tester KSB-600A



Remote Control by PDA

Sound Level Meter HY-114

Axle Play Detector KJX-10A

Free Roller Tester KZG-15

Speedometer Tester KCS-15E

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