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Automatic Headlight Tester

Robotic Headlight Tester


KSB-600A Headlight Tester is applied as an automatic measuring device for inspecting automobile headlamps. Its testing ability covers high beam luminous intensity, high beam offset; low beam offset; headlamp benchmark center height etc. The device meets the national standard GB7258, GB 21861, GB18565 and other related technical requirements by vehicle testing organizations.

Main Features

Automatic Headlight Tester

State-of-art appearance design, high-speed DSP6000 image processing technology, automaticly searching for headlamp high beam, accurate detection for low beam.

Dual CCD technology, independent testing, allow to adjust automobile headlamp low beam.

Multi-point auxiliary light searching system, special CCD light searching to speed up the inspection.

Bright digital display system.

Support line adjustment mode.

Support Dual-lamp inspection mode available to shortern inspection speed.

  • Standard RS232 interface, reliable networking software and rich communication instruction;

  • It equipped standard RS-232 interface and DC 0-1v;

  • Signal output for connecting computer easily to you;

  • Can be integreated with 2 more equipment by VIS Control System;

  • High Beam: Vertical: (Up)400mm/10m ~ (Down)560mm/10m Horizontal: (Left)560mm/10m ~(Right)560mm/10m Low Beam: Vertical: (Up)400mm/10m ~ (Down)560mm/10m Horizontal: (Left)560mm/10m ~ (Right)560mm/10m Central Height of Photovoltaic Box: ±10mm


 Environmental conditions

Temp: -5°C ~ 40°C, Humidity: ≤90%

 Light Intensity

0 - 120.000cd

 Inspection Distance

80 - 120cm

 Inspection High

350 - 1400mm

 Length of the guide rail

4 meters

 Measurement Accuracy

Luminous intensity: ± 10%, Optical axis deviation: ± 32mm/10m

 Power Supply

AC220V ±10%, 50Hz ±1%



 Power consumption

200 Watt