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As a leading manufacturer of Chassis dynamometer and testing equipment since year 1999, COSBER, based on years of experience in the vehicle service market and cooperation with many workshops, established DYNOCOSBER division to offer the high performance DYNAMOMETER for CAR racing & tuning market

Main Features

Dynamo KDC Series

Automobile chassis dynamometer is a device that uses indoor benches to simulate road driving conditions to detect vehicle dynamics. It is also a road resistance simulation loading device that measures vehicle exhaust emissions and fuel consumption under multiple operating conditions. Automobile chassis dynamometer system is mainly composed of road simulation system, loading system, data acquisition and control system, safety guarantee system and guidance system.

  • Adopt high-power air-cooled eddy current device and high-precision sensor to ensure stable and accurate detection and low maintenance cost;

  • The table body adopts an integrated frame structure, the roller is precisely processed, and the balance accuracy is high. The special process treatment on the surface of the roller has a high adhesion coefficient. It adopts high-strength bearings, which has strong bearing capacity, safety and reliability;

  • Reasonable structure, low internal power loss, accurate basic inertia, and complete safety devices to ensure the safety and stability of the test process;

  • Fully comply with the technical requirements of relevant national standards and regulations for chassis dynamometer;

  • Applicable to steady state working condition method, simple transient working condition method, loading deceleration working condition method detection;


 Max Axle Load Test

KDC-3 (3000kg) / KDC-13 (13000kg)

 Drum diameter

KDC-3 (216mm) / KDC-13 (373mm)

 Roller length

KDC-3 (1000mm) / KDC-13 (1050mm)

 Max test speed

KDC-3 / KDC-13 (130km/h)

 Max absorbed power

KDC-3 (160kW) / KDC-13 (700kW)

 Reverse drive motor power

KDC-3 (5.5kW) / KDC-13 (11kW) frequency conversion control

 Max reverse drag speed

KDC-3 / KDC-13 (>96km/h)

 Power supply

KDC-3/KDC-13 (AC220V, 50Hz, 30A) / KDC-3 (AC380V, 50Hz, 10kW, with grounding) / KDC-13 (AC380V, 50Hz, 20kW, with grounding)

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