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D-Side Slip Tester

Double Side Slip Tester

Side Slip Tester

Double Plate Series

Vehicle Double Sideslip Tester inspects the axle wheel alignment between camber/caster and toe in/out while the vehicle is driven in a straight direction. The destressing plate guarantees a correct and accurate measurement.

Main Features

D-Side Slip Tester

This Sideslip tester is 4 plates structure (2 plates are releases use) with synchronous mode in order to inspect both wheels’ sideslip value of a vehicle. The inspection result is displayed by a digital board. It is control by Integrated Circuit (IC) board inserted in the display unit.

The control display unit has power unit, amplifier, A/D converser, Control circuit card and LED display board. The tester uses Integrated Circuit card to collect the real time data, and then process and display the volume figure. As soon as a real time bigger value is collected, this bigger figure will be displayed. If the next figure is smaller than its precedent won’t be display.

  • Side Slip plate & Protection frame integrative structure;

  • Side Slip plate locker with inner key;

  • Side Slip single plate or double plate;

  • Standard RS232 communication port (optional) to computer, reliable network software;

  • No maintenance body design;

  • Galvanized plate surface for extra long service life;

  • Can be integreated with 2 more equipment by VIS Control System;

  • Mini printer (built-in);

  • Selection of synchronic or independent motion type for different regulation requirement;

  • Strongly Rod Potensio Sensor;

  • Over-value alarm function;


 Max Axle Load

KCH-10 (10t) / KCH-15 (15t)

 Measuring range

KCH-10/KCH-15: ±15.0m/km


LED Seven Segment



 Structure type

Double board (with relaxation board)

 Power Supply

AC220V ±10%, 50Hz ±1%

 Wheel range

700 − 2850 mm

 Structure Form

4 plates with release, synchronous move

 Board Dimension

KCH-10/KCH-15 (1100x1000mm)

 Relaxation board size

KCH-10/KCH-15 (1100x300mm)

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