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Dimension Scanning

Scanning Dimension

Vehicle Dimensions Scanning System


Experiencing years of high developing transtrportation business, a new technology is required for inspection the vehicle dimension, in case of illegal modification, over-sized vehicle. etc. Therefore, based on state of laser technology and 3D-cloud data processing capacity, COSBER develops 3D laser scanning system to measure the dimension data for all types of vehicle

Main Features

C-VDSS Series

In principle, the system works with laser sensor technology, it measures the width, height, and length of vehicles through scanning them automatically. The results which is obtained very short time and the vehicle scanned three-dimensional profile can be transferred to the computer. However, if it is preferred the external display shows the measurement results, number plates and vehicle class can be determined. It is also possible that all datas can be recorded to the DMS Dimension Measuring Software databes.

  • For automatically measurement of vehicle dimension, including length, height, width and axle distance, without manual intervention;

  • Specialisted caser sensor, high pixel, high rate feedback, laser durable design;

  • System automatic core-algorithm,high reproduction, the latest accuracy is 0.2%-0.5%;

  • System high resolution, high communication, complete quick and high accurate measure;

  • Wide working temperature design, stable performance under -30°C;

  • Unique 3D model picture output;

  • Protocol Ethernet 100 Mbit TCP/IP;

  • 3 pcs Laser Radar Scanning


 Test Mode

C-VDSS-1 (Non contact dynamic) / C-VDSS-1 (Non contact Static)

 Test Time

C-VDSS-1 / C-VDSS-2 (< 50 seconds)

 Length Test Range

C-VDSS-1 (1∼20 meters) / C-VDSS-2 (1∼25 meters)

 Width Test Range

C-VDSS-1 / C-VDSS-2 (1∼5m)

 Height Test Range

C-VDSS-1 / C-VDSS-2 (1∼8m)


C-VDSS-1 / C-VDSS-2 (1mm)


C-VDSS-1 / C-VDSS-2 (24VDC)

 Max. Scan Range

C-VDSS-1 / C-VDSS-2 (17.0m x 9m x 5.0m)

 Power Supply

C-VDSS-1 / C-VDSS-2 (200W/220V/50Hz)

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