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Roller Brake Tester & Axle Load

Brake Tester And Axle Load

Roller Brake Tester & Axle Load Meter (Option)

KZD & KZZD Series

KZD/KZZD series Vehicle Brake Tester and Axle Load Meter is roller counter-force type tester which inspecting the braking performance of vehicle and load of weighing unit. Vehicle parks on the rollers set, which is driven by electric motor it will run automatically to drive the wheels. Resistance Force will be obtained before brake applied.

Main Features

KZD & KZZD Series

When driver applying the brake, brake force come from vehicle wheels will pass to the Gear Via a Chain connecting the Gear and roller. Force Sensor will detect the brake force via the Gear Lever which connecting the sensor and the Gear.

The sensor will then transfer the force into electronic signal and send to computer. The computer will analyze the signal and display the inspection result on the Monitor/ Display Board.

Control Panel: Panel Box, LED Digital Display, mini-Printer, Main Switch, Control Board, Circuit Board, and etc.

KZD/KZZD Vehicle Brake Tester and Axle Load: Steel Frame, Roller Set, Load-cell, Gear unit, Motor, and Force Sensors

  • Corundum binding roller set for high adhesion in both dry and wet condition;

  • High precision sensor ensures the exactitude of inspection result;

  • Using of reinforced steel, strengthen and durable structure body;

  • High performance motor and gearbox;

  • Electronic subordinate roller (sensor roller) and speed sensor;

  • Automatic start and anti-peel tyre program;

  • Roller driven sort-out program (Air-lifter system available);

  • Standard RS-232 & LAN communication port;

  • Built-in mini printer;

  • Can be integreated to communication desk.;

  • Choose display by LED indicator or PC Software (Option);


 KZZD Series Load

KZZD-3 (3000Kg) / KZZD-4 (4000Kg) / KZZD-10 (13000Kg) / KZZD-15 (15000Kg) / KZZD-18 (18000Kg)

 KZD Series Load

KZD-3 (3000Kg) / KZD-10 (13000Kg) / KZD-15 (15000Kg)

 Coefficient dry/wet

> 0,7 / > 0,6

 Roller length

KZZD/KZD-3 (700mm) / KZZD-4 (900mm) / KZZD/KZD-10/15/18 (1100mm)

 Wheel Thread Length

KZZD-3 (850-2200mm) / KZZD-4 (850-2600mm) / KZZD-10/15/18 (750-2850mm), KZD-3 (850-2600mm), KZD-10 (800-2600mm), KZD-15 (850-2950)

 Roller Diameter

KZZD/KZD-3 (∅200mm) / KZZD-4/KZZD-10/15/18 (∅245mm), KZD-10/15 (∅280mm)

 Motor Power

KZZD-3 (2.2kw/3.0KW x 2) / KZZD-4 (4kW x 2) / KZZD-10 (11kW x 2), KZZD-15 (15kW x 2), KZZD-18 Dualspeed (13/17 x 2), KZD-3 (2.2kW x 2 / 4kW x 2) / KZD-10 (11kW x 2) / KZD-15 (15kW x 2)

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