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Vehicle Wheel Load Tester

Vehicle Whee Load Tester

Wheel Load Meter

KLZ Series

KLZ Series wheel load tester is used to measure the vertical load of each wheel of the automobile, and calculate the wheel load data required for the braking efficiency of the whole vehicle and each axle and the wheel blocking rate during the brake test. It is widely used in automobile automatic and semi-automatic inspection lines of traffic safety supervision department and automobile maintenance industry. It is also widely used in highway and bridge management departments; .

Main Features

KLZ Series

Control Unit is composed by control cabinet, LED board, mini-printer, main switch, control board and electricity board etc.

Each bench has 4 weighing sensors, space limitation units prevent testing plates moving when vehicle passes tester, therefore the weighing force follows the vertical direction to sensors.

  • Quick drive-through testing mode;

  • Anti-slanting weighting design;

  • Wheel load or axle load data display;

  • Standard RS-232 signal connection;

  • Self-developed micro-controller to collect and analyze data, high precised system, good ability for anti-interference;

  • Built-in mini-printer;

  • Can be integrated to communication desk;

  • Choose display by LED indicator or PC Software (Option);


 Max Axle Load

KLZ-10 (10t) / KLZ-15 (15t)

 Wheel Load Measurement range

KLZ-10 (5t) / KLZ-15 (7,5t)

 Maximum track

KLZ-10 (2400mm) / KLZ-15 (2600mm)

 Bearing platform size

KLZ-10 (1100×600mm) / KLZ-15 (1100×1000mm)

 Power Supply

AC220V ±10%, 50Hz ±1%

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