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New Car Off-line Inspection Line

New Car Off-line Inspection Line

KLFT System Adopts the Computer Measurement and Control System Independently

The wheel weight, vehicle speed, emission, braking, lighting, sound level and sideslip


KLFT-Automobile New Car
KLFT-Automobile New Car

The software modular design is based on accurate and reliable testing equipment. The wheel weight, vehicle speed, emission, braking, lighting, sound level, sideslip, ABS are completed in accordance with the latest national standards. Comprehensive testing of other testing items, automatic completion of signal acquisition, data processing, management, data display, storage, testing report printing and system maintenance functions, can be directly connected with the production information system for data transmission, and the system management software can be generated for users Information required for industry management.

Main Feautres

  • ABS system assembly inspection system.

  • Test the correctness of the ABS system assembly and the correctness of the connection.

  • Check and clear the vehicle ABS error code, identify and record the ABS ECU ID.

  • The system has conventional brake test function (according to the national standard GB7258).

  • The system has the functions of screen display of test results, report printing, database storage, query statistics, and networking.

  • Test the functional integrity of each component, such as the integrity of the valve, warning lights, pedal switches, etc.

Testline Equipment

 KLFT-Automobile New Car

Main equipment:

brake testing platform, suspension testing platform, sideslip testing platform, vehicle speed testing platform, ABS system.

Auxiliary equipment:

Sound level meter, headlight detector, exhaust gas detector, pedal force, wireless remote control;

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